Caribbean businesses have unmatched resource

AMCHAMBEC is providing businesses throughout the Caribbean with an unparalleled source for development.

Word of this came from the president of the American Chamber of Commerce for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean’s (AmChamBEC), Dustin Delany.

Speaking during the organisation’s launch of its Travel and Tourism Committee (TTC), he explained that it provided a large scope of networking opportunities for its members:

“The AmChams of the Caribbean work closely with the AmChams throughout all of Latin America through ECLA [the Economic Commission for Latin America], promoting trade and investment. In fact, the AmChams of ECLA represent over 20 000 US and local companies and over 80% of all investment in Latin America and the Caribbean. Acting in partnership with the US Chamber of Commerce, the world’s largest business federation, ECLA and its AmChams have become advocates in the Americas for the promotion of trade and investment in this hemisphere; free trade, free markets, free enterprise.”

He further explained that AmChamBEC, which is one of 125 American Chamber of Commerce across the world, used its affiliations to provide resources for those in a variety of sectors throughout the Caribbean:  

“The networks and resources afforded AmCham through its affiliations with ECLA and the US Chamber of Commerce, are unparalleled in the region. And AmChamBec continues to lavage these resources, to continue to improve the environment in which we conduct business in Barbados and the eastern Caribbean.”

That launch took place at the Cave Hill School of Business, at the University of the West Indies campus in Barbados on Thursday.

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